Garden Hotel Pahlavanpour Yazd

آدرس هتل : Motahari St., Mehr Riz, Yazd, Iran

درباره Yazd Pahlavanpour Garden Hotel


Located in the desert city of Mehriz in Yazd province, Pahlavanpour Garden hotel with nature and history is a great destination and dream accommodation center for visitors to the central Iran. Dating back to Qajar era in the 19th century, the garden which was once in possession of a prominent local businessman named Ali Pahlavanpour is an epitome of world-famous UNESCO-registered Persian Gardens where the mixture of natural and manmade elements leads to an awesome artistic achievement reflecting religious and symbolic components to materialize the concept of Eden or paradise on earth.

Running water in the middle of tall and old plane trees along with the historical texture and the central pavilion have created a terrific place which attracts a wide range of visitors to offer a memorable glimpse on the coexisting of ancient history and beautiful nature. Considered as one of the important cultural and historical landmarks displaying nature, art and architecture, the garden manifests the special feature of flowing water in the middle which originates from the ancient Hassan Abad Qanat (underground water canal).


Built in an area of five hectares, the garden is equipped with all amenities required for a relaxing and pleasant staying for visitors ranging from the residential places to recreational facilities. It includes traditional suites renovated for the capacity of up to five people with modern equipment.

Restaurant and Teahouse:

The garden’s restaurant and traditional teahouse serving a variety of authentic Iranian cuisines and herbal drinks in a pleasant environment with some beds around the garden provide relaxing moments. Here guests can take advantage of tasty Iranian beverages in the three-story pavilion building with beautiful decorations.

Sports Facilities:

Regarding the sports and entertainment facilities, the garden’s sports field with beach sand offers happy memories for those who like playing beach soccer, beach volleyball, table soccer, table tennis and more in the middle of a natural and historical space.

Photo Opportunity:

Another merit of the garden is the chance provided for guests to take evocative photos while wearing iconic native clothes beside old plane trees and running water which is particularly active during the Iranian New Year holidays.

Surrounding Attractions:

For sightseeing in the vicinity of the garden, the opportunity of visiting the historical village of Saryazd with lots of major attractions and the beautiful Gharbalbiz Spring with fantastic scenery should not be missed. Also, here guests have easy access to the city of Yazd to visit all of its eye-catching tourist places.

آدرس Garden Hotel Pahlavanpour Yazd

Motahari St., Mehr Riz, Yazd, Iran
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امکانات Garden Hotel Pahlavanpour Yazd

  • Wireless Internet (Inside Room)
  • Parking (Capacity for 100 Cars)
  • Green Space and a Beautiful Iranian Garden
  • Taxi Service
General Room
  • Refrigerator
  • TV
  • Telephone
  • Ping Pong
  • Table Soccer
  • Soccer Field
  • Vollyball Court
Food & Drink
  • Restaurant
  • Cafe
Languages spoken
  • English (Special for Tours)
  • Arabic (Special for Tours)
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45 minutes با خودرو
فاصله تا Dolatabad Garden : 577 km and 48 meters
46 minutes با خودرو
فاصله تا Amir Chakhmaq Complex : 139 km and 48 meters
47 minutes با خودرو

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