Hotel Parsian Azadi Tehran

آدرس هتل : Evin Crossroad, Chamran Highway, Tehran, Iran

درباره Tehran Parsian Azadi Hotel



Located at the foot of the amazing northern Alborz mountain range, the five-star Parsian Azadi hotel is a great choice for those who visit the capital Tehran. The hotel offers an elegant accommodation in a well-positioned location with beautifully designed rooms and top-notch recreational and business facilities. The hotel (formerly named Hyatt) was reopened in 2011 after heavy renovation by professional Swiss, Italian and Chinese architects and is equipped with the best facilities equivalent to international standards and is considered as the newest and most modern hotel in the Parsian Hotel group.


With snow-capped mountains in the background, the Parsian Azadi hotel offers its guests a different experience in this Middle Eastern country. Equipped with the modern suites, various restaurants serving the most delicious domestic and foreign food, an exciting recreational and relaxing sports complex, sumptuous halls and conference rooms, the hotel provides an enjoyable and pleasant stay. Having all necessary facilities for tourists has made this hotel a unique position in the Iranian tourism industry.

Surrounding Attractions:

The hotel enjoys the privilege of being situated in a favorable climatic area near the International Trade Fair grounds, Radio and Television Organization’s conference center, summit hall, and Enghelab Sports Complex with close access to the main highway of Tehran and some of the city’s historical sites.

قوانین هتل:
  • Check-in From 14:00
  • Check-out Until 12:00

انتخاب اتاق برای 1 شب - گروه شماره 1

نوع اتاق
Single Room
Single Room
حداکثر ظرفیت : 1 نفر
قیمت موجود نیست
Double Room
Double Room
حداکثر ظرفیت : 2 نفر ، 1 سرویس اضافه(شامل هزینه)
تا 27% تخفیف
Twin Room
Twin Room
حداکثر ظرفیت : 2 نفر ، 1 سرویس اضافه(شامل هزینه)
تا 27% تخفیف
Junior Suite
Junior Suite
حداکثر ظرفیت : 2 نفر ، 1 سرویس اضافه(شامل هزینه)
تا 24% تخفیف
Royal Suite
Royal Suite
حداکثر ظرفیت : 2 نفر
تا 24% تخفیف
Duplex Suite
Duplex Suite
حداکثر ظرفیت : 2 نفر
تا 24% تخفیف
Presidential Suite
Presidential Suite
حداکثر ظرفیت : 2 نفر
تا 24% تخفیف

آدرس Hotel Parsian Azadi Tehran

Evin Crossroad, Chamran Highway, Tehran, Iran
تلفن راهنمای رزرو اینترنتی :

امکانات Hotel Parsian Azadi Tehran

  • Cafenet
  • Free Wireless Internet (Inside room
  • Inside Lobby)
  • Parking
  • Sarv Outdoor Restaurant
  • Green Space
  • Fitness Center (for Men and Women)
  • Massage Room
  • Spa
  • Swimming Pool
  • Pool
  • Sauna (Steam
  • Dry)
  • Jacuzzi
  • 24-Hour Room Service
  • Laundry
  • Bank
  • Conference Hall (Almas and Berelian Halls)
  • Meeting Room
  • Taxi Service
  • Business Center
  • Reception Hall
  • Reception Hall (Zarin
  • Zomorod
  • Orkideh
  • Negin
  • Paniz VIP Halls)
General Room
  • Interactive TVs
  • Telephone (City and International)
  • Tea Maker
  • WC (Flush Toilet)
  • Coffee Maker
Food & Drink
  • 24-hour Parseh Restaurant
  • Orkideh western Restaurant with unique view
  • Biceh Italian Restaurant
  • Sarv Oudoor Restaurant
  • Paniz Restaurant
  • Minibar
  • 24-hour Parseh Café
  • Niloo Lobby Lounge
  • Aseman Coffehouse
  • Yasaman Breakfast Hall
  • Safe
  • Elevator
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fire Alarm (Equipped with exclusive siren and flashing lights in rooms)
  • Central Antenna
  • Powerswitch
  • Sprinkler in Rooms
  • Digital Signs (Do not disturb and clean room)
Facilities for the Disabled
  • Moving Wheelchair into WC
  • Moving Wheelchair into room (Rooms in the third floor have sliding doors for the disabled)
Hotel Amenities
  • Hygienic Package (Towels
  • Soap
  • Shampoos
  • Body lotion
  • toothpaste
  • Shower cap
  • Ear cleaner
  • Toothbrush
  • Comb and Brush
  • Body lotion
  • toothpaste
  • Shower cap
  • Ear cleaner
  • Toothbrush
  • Brush
  • Razor
  • Shaving cream
  • hygienic bag
  • Shoe Shiner
  • Shoehorn)
Languages spoken
  • English
فاصله هتل تا جاذبه ها
فاصله تا Milad Tower : 929 km and 7 meters
12 minutes با خودرو
فاصله تا Carpet Museum of Iran : 746 km and 11 meters
17 minutes با خودرو
فاصله تا Reza Abbasi Museum : 402 km and 12 meters
18 minutes با خودرو
فاصله تا Saadabad Palace Complex : 834 km and 5 meters
18 minutes با خودرو

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  • آرامش، پاکیزگی و وضعیت اتاق‌ها
  • کیفیت رستوران و کافی شاپ
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