Shahedan - Najafabad

Najafabad Shahedan Eco Lodge

Nehzatabad Village, Najafabad, Isfahan, Iran,

Najafabad Shahedan Eco Lodge


Located in Nehzatabad village in Najafababd county in Isfahan Province, the Shahedan Eco Lodge provides a calm and relaxing environment for those who seek to have some time off and away from the modern life. Being in the midst of a vast and verdant garden and flanked by agricultural farms, the eco lodge makes visitors feel how life was like in past eras due to some traditional facilities such as Korsi (traditional heating tool), newly-brewed tea, and baked potatoes. Here, people can get relaxed on the shadows of high trees, observe, and even do some agricultural activities.


The accommodation is equipped with a small two-story building which contains a balcony with Korsi and windows overlooking the beautiful scenery of the garden; a well-positioned place for refreshment in the winter. Also, the building is fronted with a porch under the shadows of branches and leaves of vines; a fantastic place to sit after taking a walk through the garden in the summer, brew tea and bake some potatoes in a traditional oven over there. 

A few steps away from the sitting area, there are some small pools with nice fountains where people are hosted with delicious local foods, fresh vegetables, and yogurt in a wonderful environment. Also, there is a beautiful greenhouse in this accommodation in which vegetables have been planted, making visitors enjoy harvesting some and eating in a pleasant environment. 

Here, for entertainment, it is possible for guests to play local games in the gaden, take a walk to the surrounding Nehzatabad village, talk with villagers, and get to know with their daily lifestyle, making it a great destination for those who intend to go sightseeing to Iranian villages, particularly the Shahedan village to breathe clean air and to enjoy intimacy and freshness.

Surrounding Attractions:

Likewise, the village is within a short distance of some famous tourist attractions worthy of visiting in Najafabad county such as Sheikh Bahai citadel, Assarkhaneh (oil-extracting factory), Marghab spring, and Ghamishlou national park.

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