Apartment Hotel Melal Mashhad

آدرس هتل : Imam Reza 1 St., Beit al-Moghadas Sq., Mashhad, Iran

درباره Mashhad Melal Apartment Hotel


Suitable Location

Located in a few minutes walking distance of the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS) in the city of Mashhad, the three-star Melal apartment hotel is one of the exemplary accommodation centers of the tourism and cultural heritage organization welcoming domestic and foreign visitors to a very beautiful hotel with fantastic decoration.

Main Features

The apartment hotel includes various rooms and apartments with complete equipment and services as well as a nice lobby, a restaurant, a café each surrounded with amazing antiques particularly samovar collection just like a museum drawing the attention of guests and providing an unforgettable memory.

Great Honors

Having tried to render a satisfying service, the apartment hotel has achieved valuable honors such as the certificate of exemplary hotel apartment by the cultural heritage organization, the appreciation certificate by the public spaces supervision organization, the appreciation certificate from the interior and exterior tourism exhibitions for getting successful in quality service and consumerism.

Tourism Promotion and Trained Personnel

With a vast advertising in media, Internet websites and exhibitions to promote the tourism culture in Mashhad, the apartment hotel tries to encourage more people to travel while providing some facilities. Also, the personnel have passed hoteliering training courses related to the tourism and cultural organization in an attempt to make guests more satisfied.

Surrounding City Attractions and Facilities

In addition to the holy shrine, the hotel has good access to shopping centers such as Reza bazaar, Zist Khavar and Almas Shargh commercial complexes as well as city attractions including Koh Sangi park and Mellat theme park. Also, it is close to Mashhad airport, railway station, and bus terminal, making guests have a good choice and a convenient staying.

انتخاب اتاق برای 1 شب - گروه شماره 1

نوع اتاق
حداکثر ظرفیت : 2 نفر
قیمت موجود نیست
One-Bedroom Apartment
One-Bedroom Apartment
حداکثر ظرفیت : 2 نفر ، 1 سرویس اضافه(شامل هزینه)
قیمت موجود نیست
Two-Bedroom Apartment
Two-Bedroom Apartment
حداکثر ظرفیت : 4 نفر ، 1 سرویس اضافه(شامل هزینه)
قیمت موجود نیست
Three-Bedroom Apartment
Three-Bedroom Apartment
حداکثر ظرفیت : 6 نفر ، 1 سرویس اضافه(شامل هزینه)
قیمت موجود نیست

آدرس Apartment Hotel Melal Mashhad

Imam Reza 1 St., Beit al-Moghadas Sq., Mashhad, Iran
تلفن راهنمای رزرو اینترنتی :

امکانات Apartment Hotel Melal Mashhad

  • Free Wireless Internet (Inside room
  • Inside Lobby)
  • Daily Room Service
  • Laundry
  • Taxi Service
General Room
  • Refrigerator
  • TV
  • Telephone
  • Satellite
Food & Drink
  • Breakfast Hall
  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Safe
  • Elevator
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fire Alarm
  • Central Antenna
Languages spoken
  • Arabic
فاصله هتل تا جاذبه ها
فاصله تا Imam Reza Shrine : 782 meters
9 minutes پیاده

مطالب خواندنی

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  • درصد رضایتمندی
  • آرامش، پاکیزگی و وضعیت اتاق‌ها
  • کیفیت رستوران و کافی شاپ
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