Sareyn City

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Sareyn City

Located in the northern province of Ardabil, the beautiful city of Sareyn is of the most exciting tourist destinations in Iran, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign visitors every year due to the tranquility, charming climate and pleasant hot springs (Spas). Near the Sabalan mountain that is Iran’s second highest mountain after Damavand, the Sareyn springs exist containing sulphur particles which is believed to be good for bone and joint pains, as the name Sareyn in the Persian dictionary means "Spring’s Outlet".

Of the nine hot springs in Sarein, the Besh Bajilar and Gavmesh Goli thermal springs are the hottest, with water reaching 67 degrees and among other springs nearby, one in a small village called 'Vila Dareh' is the most popular one with fizzy water which is fantastic for kidneys.

Because of the existence of the Sabalan mountain, the city enjoys four-season weather with special attributes for each that in comparison with other parts of Iran, it has abundant climatic attractions, such as the popular Alvares ski resort providing an amazing opportunity for skiers in the winter and nature excursion in the summer.

Also, the ancient Anahita hill and the fire temple ruins are of the historical sites in the area worthy of visiting. Regarding souvenirs, Sareyn is famous for its 'Ashe Doogh' (Yogurt Soups), honey and dairy products which are sold in most of the local shops.

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19 May 2019

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