Qazvin City

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Qazvin City

Located in northwest of Iran, Qazvin, the largest city and the capital of the Qazvin Province is of the ancient cities of Iran with a long history dating back to 9000 years based on several archeological excavations and the land of prominent literary and social figures such as, Alame Dehkhoda and Aref Qazvini (a talented poet of the Constitutional Revolution era).

Since the city was the former capital of the Persian Empire under the Safavid Period (1501 AD) and is situated in the vicinity of the capital Tehran, it has been of central importance at various moments of Iranian history as during the Qajar Dynasty and contemporary period, it has always been one of the most important governmental centers, connecting the capital of the country to the northern and western parts.

Of the historical monuments of the city, the Ali Qapu mansion, the Meimoon Ghaleh ruins – one of several Sassanid edifices in the area, Jame Mosque, Masjed Al-nabi (Soltani Mosque) – one of the glorious Safavid mosques of antiquity, and the Kharraqan twin towers – one of the first monuments in Islamic architecture are well worth a visit. Likewise, the fascinating historical Alamot castle attracts a large number of tourists annually.

Due to being in the south of the Alborz mountain, the city enjoys a temperate climate in summers offering a big opportunity for wandering in the beautiful nature and is cold and snowy in winters. Also, by walking in the old and nice bazaars of Qazvin, one can get different kinds of local pastries such as Baghlava and various leather, cotton and silk clothes as memorable souvenirs.

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