Mahabad City

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Mahabad City

Mahabad in the northwestern Province of West Azerbaijan, Iran is a predominantly Kurdish city in a narrow valley in the south of Lake Urmia. Due to its strategic position and proximity with the border, the city is a stop for many travelers. Formerly known as Savojbolagh, Mahabad is the land of colors and noted Kurdish poets. Relics from the Median era show that civilization has begun in Mahabad from this period.

During the Safavid era, the city was the capital of the local government and many noteworthy buildings, mosques and bridges were constructed here. Among the many eye-catching historical sites, the Jame Mosque and the Bedagh Soltan Mausoleum indicate the long antiquity of the city worthy of visiting. The Kurdish city is of the beautiful tourist spots in the spring and summer seasons due to its temperate mountainous climate.

Being a suitable choice for nature excursion, the city provides the first bird-watching zone in the country, offering a dramatic and memorable experience. Also, the most unique water cave of Iran called Saholan Cave is situated in the city that appeals to tourists. Here, visitors can find various goods at low price in the Tanakora market. Going to the Melat Park, listening to the Kurdish music and eating local food are of other activities which provide relaxing moments for tourists.

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