Kermanshah City

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Kermanshah City

Kermanshah is the capital city of Kermanshah Province in the western part of Iran with a moderate and mountainous climate heavily influenced by the proximity of the Zagros mountain range. It experiences rather cold winters and moderately warm summers.

Those who wish to see the remnants of early civilizations on Earth should visit the city of Kermanshah where the most powerful Iranian heroes, great poets and writers were born or lived. Home to plenty of inscriptions and monuments of ancient Persia such as Herkul Statue, Bistun Inscription, Taq-e Bostan Engraving and Anahita Temple, the city has been always attracting tens of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists. The monuments mostly show two glorious periods, the Achaemenid and Sassanid eras.

The city has a rich Paleolithic heritage representing many caves with Paleolithic remains in the north of Kermanshah such as the Qoori Qaleh Cave which is considered as the largest cave with water in Asia beginning in the Qoori Qaleh village hosting a rare species of bats. Nearby the cave, relics of an ancient Sassanid castle have been discovered. A variation of colors and oblique pillars and waterfalls are among the unique features of the Qoori Qaleh Cave. In the past, Kermanshah included one of the important wildlife zones of Iran as engravings of the Taq-e-Bostan margin shows the aspects of this hunting ground.

Recognized as the Kurd residing territory of Iran, the majority of people in the city speak in Kermanshahi Kurdish and Kermanshahi Persian. Kermanshah has long been one of the most famous handicraft centers of Iran. The most important handicrafts and souvenirs of the city are mainly Carpet, Gelim, Jajim, Giveh (local shoes), metal engraving, glassware, felt and leather products, and its famous sweets like Kak. As the region is rich in agricultural products such as grain, rice, vegetable, fruits, and oilseeds, urban and rural areas of the city offer different types of local soups, dishes, broth and various breads.

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