Kerman City

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Kerman City

Located in the southeast of Iran, Kerman, the capital city of Kerman Province, is considered as the largest and most developed city in Kerman Province. Home to many historic mosques and Zoroastrian fire temples, Kerman is famous for its long history and strong cultural heritage.

Kerman is known as one of the ancient regions of Iran with abundant archeological sites such as the ancient city of Jiroft to the south indicating the antiquity of the city which dates back to the 4th millennium BC. Kerman has numerous historical attractions worth visiting including the ancient Bam Citadel, Rayen Castle, the Ganj-Ali Khan Complex (bath, caravanserai and bazaar) and the Jame Mosque as well as natural beauties like thermal and mineral springs, recreational areas, altitudes, lakes, protected areas and the special desert features for adventure seekers.

Situated on a high edge of Lut Desert and surrounded by mountains, the city enjoys various climates, mostly moderate with very cold winters. The altitudes and heights of the city are the continuation of the central mountain ranges of Iran bringing about vast plains.

Farming and notably pistachio is the main source of economy in Kerman as it is the biggest producer of pistachio in Iran and all over the world. Likewise carpet weaving is of the oldest traditions in the city which are renowned internationally. Kerman showcases its rich cultural heritage in the local accent, poetry, local music, handicrafts and customs along with the ancient Fire Temple representing the history of Zoroastrians.

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