Chalus City

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Chalus City

Chalus, the land of dense forests, roaring rivers and waterfalls is a very popular city in the west of Mazandaran Province, Iran on the coast of the Caspian Sea, famous for its verdant scenery. Chalus reaches the Caspian Sea from the north, the Alborz mountain range from the south, Noshahr from the east, and Tonekabon from the west. Located in one of the oldest districts of Mazandaran province, Chalus town is one of the most beautiful, most famous and most important northern regions of Iran.

The fine nature, popular roads and various glamorous historical and natural attractions of the city have been always attracting domestic and foreign visitors to this Caspian Sea area. Of those must-see places and historical monuments which are testament to the antiquity of the region, the Chalus Bridge over the Chalus River and the Chaikhoran palace in Chalus must be mentioned. Amazing waterfalls, the Namak Abrud tourist complex, Valasht Lake, Kelardasht resort, and Fin forest park are just of the nice views scattered around the city.

The Chalus Road is the most popular attraction of the city containing forest, river, waterfall and ancient hills all along the way, making it one of the nicest roads in the world. The city welcomes tourists across the year, while in the summer and spring, the number of visitors reach its peak due to its wet and pleasant climate which is perfect for those who intend to be away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan cities and relax in the relaxing forest climate.

Rice and citrus constitute the main part of exports in the region along with pottery as the main handicraft of the city. Likewise, the fully-equipped hotels of the city offer visitors a pleasant and memorable accommodation.

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21 May 2019

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