Bushehr City

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Bushehr City

Located in the southwest of Iran in a vast plain running along the Persian Gulf coast, Bushehr, the capital city of Bushehr province with its beautiful coasts, amazing natural attractions, and fantastic monuments is a relaxing destination for visitors.

Previously known as Ram Ardashir or Rey Shahr and as a thriving and flourishing seat of civilization during the first and second Millennium BC, the city has a long historical experience with many relics dating back to the Elamite era and the civilization of Shoush (Susa) as well as traditional structures related to Ardeshir of Sassanid Dynasty.

Due to the strategic location of the city, the fishing and commercial port of Bushehr has been established and now the city is on the road of revival with an international airport and highways connecting it to surrounding cities of Ahvaz, Shiraz and Bandar Abbas, making the city a tourism spot with many historical monuments such as the Duch Castle, Sea God Temple, Qavam Water Reservoir, Qazi old House, Holy Christ Church, Malik Palace, Golshan Palace, Kolah Farangi Edifice, and Rey Shahr ancient district as well as various museums of anthropology, archeology, and natural history which are worthy of visiting.

Busheher’s economy is based on agriculture and fishing where most of the local foods are cooked with fish and shrimp which must be tasted in the numerous restaurants. Visiting the city particularly in the autumn and winter due to moderate temperature, taking a stroll along the coast, watching the nice sea waves and sea birds, going to the grand old bazaar and having pleasant handicrafts including carpet, rug, mat, and different kinds of fans as memorable souvenirs provide a marvelous opportunity to spend an unforgettable time.

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22 May 2019

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