Birjand City

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Birjand City

Birjand is the capital of the eastern province of South Khorasan in Iran. It is a fast-growing city, becoming one of the major centers in the East of Iran. Located on the "Silk Road", Birjand is a city as old as history based on the archaeological studies showing some pre–historic tribes have lived here. The city has a dry climate with significant difference between day and night temperatures.

It has a semi-desert climate with hot summers and cold winters, making spring and early autumn as the best time of year to visit the city. Those who travel to Birjand feel a place far different than what they thought. The city offers a journey to the heart of history through the historical castle and Kolah Farangi palace-garden complex as well as the old texture of the city including the Shokatiyeh School among other historical monuments such as Khosfi shrine, Rahim Abad palace worthy of visiting.

Also, around 80 Kilometers south east of Birjand in the Chenesht village, the Chenesht cave exists as the most amazing historical phenomenon which enchants large number of tourists. Known as the city of saffron in Iran due to producing 95% of Iran’s saffron, Birjand tempts visitors to buy saffron as well as plum, barberry, hand-woven rugs and carpets as memorable and pleasant souvenirs. Likewise, all those traditional restaurants serving the most delicious local cuisines in the city try to offer guests some relaxing moments.

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17 Jul 2019

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