Wonderful Iranian Lakes

01 , Dec , 2016

What makes Iran a fascinating destination for travelers from around the world is not just its amazing historical monuments but also its verdant nature with breathtaking scenery which brings about fantastic spots for having some time off and taking dramatic photos. Among these spots, lakes play an important role in making domestic and foreign tourists have a memorable travelogue. In the following, you will get to know with a few must-see lakes across Iran in well-positioned places surrounded by the most beautiful environment.

Lake Urmia

Located in northwestern part of Iran, between the provinces of East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan on the south of the Caspian Sea, Lake Urmia is largest salt lake in the Middle East and the sixth-largest saltwater lake on Earth which is protected as a national park by the Iranian Department of Environment. The water of this lake is rich with natural salts and muds used by patients who suffer from dermal and rheumatic troubles. The lake contains several nice islands which are habitat for wild beasts and birds. Visitors to the lake can have a great time staying in the beaches around it and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


Lake Valasht

Considered as an amazing natural attraction in the northern city of Kelardasht in Mazandaran province, Lake Valasht in an area of 24 hectares originates from multiple springs. The scenic road of Chalus leads to the lake, providing a fantastic opportunity for travelers to embrace the nature and to enjoy the tranquil environment. Here, people can set up a tent, spend a night, go fishing, and riding on a boat to get cool and see the surrounding beautiful forests and plains. The lake is frequented particularly in the summer as it is a perfect destination for escaping the hot weather.


Lake Gahar

Lake Gahar in the center of Oshtorankouh mountain in Lorestan Province is an enjoyable spot for those who make an effort to climb up the mountain to reach. Known as “the jewel of Oshtorankouh” by the locals, it is surrounded by nice paths and unique landscapes. Since it is located in the Oshtorankouh Protected Area, hunting and fishing is forbidden which helped keep the environment unspoiled. The lake is in Gaharoud valley in the southwest of the mountain, a great place for staying and camping.


Lake Zarivar

Located in the ancient city of Marivan in Kurdistan province near the western Zagros mountain range, Lake Zarivar, locally known as “Lost Paradise” is a river which is constantly full of water rooted from the melted snow of the surrounding mountains of the picturesque district, making it one of Iran’s most beautiful rivers. Being within a short distance of dense oak forests, the river provides good chances for popular activities such as riding boats in the summer and ice skating during winter.


Lake Shourmast

Considered as the most prominent attraction in Savadkouh village in the northern province of Mazandaran, Lake Shourmast surrounded by tall alder trees and awesome scenery is a great destination for those who intend to go sightseeing. The lake is close to other nearby historical attractions such as Veresk Bridge and Lajim Tower. For those who are habituated to camping and have affinity to nature, the environment around the lake provides a good chance for making tents and spending a night while nearby villages and towns are good places to find a good accommodation. Getting to Shourmast is convenient enough since it is located near one of the main routes connecting Tehran to Mazandaran.


Lake Ovan

The alpine-like Lake Ovan in Alamut, Qazvin Province flanked by four small villages is another lake worthy of visiting. The water flowing into the river originates from the Alborz mountain range with crystal clear springs. The amazing feature of the lake is its beautiful landscape encouraging people to set up tents and light a campfire around it. The lake is easily accessible due to a road connecting Qazvin to Alamut.


Lake Temi

Situated in in the northernmost part of Khuzestan Province at the foot of Keyno mountain, Lake Temi makes travelers have a relaxing time away from the scorching weather of the region. The frozen water which covers the mountain in the chilly winter months melts and flows in the lake. The amazing part of the lake is its surrounding lush plain full of tall oak trees and vast shrubberies, providing some breathtaking scenery. By travelling north from Dezful, nearly 150 kilometers from the provincial capital Ahvaz, people can reach the lake and have a great time.


Lake Namak

Lake Namak is a beautiful lake in 100 km east of Qom city famous for three minerals, namely Magnesia, Halite, and Sylvite which are used in the agriculture, steel, and aluminum industries. Several streams flow the salty grounds of the lake which has a surface area of about 1800 km². Despite the fact that it is a seasonal lake due to minimum rainfall, lack of full watered river flowing into it, and the evaporation of the winter-month water in the warm summer months, it is worth visiting.


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