Stunning Iranian Ski Resorts

26 , Dec , 2016

Among fantastic tourist attractions which draw a lot of domestic and foreign tourists to Iran in the winter, ski resorts play a significant role. Since skiing is considered as one of the favorite winter sports, ski enthusiasts can find no better place than Iran due to the fact that it enjoys numerous mountains with high peaks and appropriate slopes for all types of skiing. Below, you will get to know with some of the best skiing opportunities in this land where excitement and entertainment are the two main features one can have by spending some time over there.  

Dizin Ski Resort

Located on the towering Alborz mountain range on Karaj-Chalus road, Dizin ski resort is the first international piste in Iran due to some unique features. It has the highest slope up to 3600 meters high and special facilities such as restaurants, cottages, villas, local houses, and telesiege, making it a great place for international ski competitions. From December through May, the resort welcomes a large number of people from across the country and the world to have a memorable ski experience.

Ski Resorts

Shemshak Ski Resort 

In the northeast of the capital Tehran on the Alborz mountain range, Shemshak ski resort includes two ski lifts and facilities for three dish tele-skiing and two hammer tele-skiing. The altitude of Shemshak slopes are up to3050 meters above sea level. Because of lighting facilities, people can enjoy night skiing in a beautiful environment. The amenities and services which exist in the resort include restaurants and good accommodations such as Shemshak tourist hotel where people can have pleasant moments.

Ski Resort

Tochal Ski Resort 

Being in the vicinity of the capital Tehran, Tochal ski resort, is a famous and highly visited one due to having a relaxing and exciting environment and long season of skiing. Located in Shemiranat district and within a few kilometers of Tajrish square, the resort includes three separate pistes with the altitude of 3500 meters and approximately 1200 meters long equipped with telesiege, tele-skiing, tennis club, banji jumping, skating, paintball, as well as facilities for mountain climbing and walking.

Ski Resort

Darbandsar Ski Resort  

Located in 35 km of northeastern Tehran near Dizin and Shemshak pistes, Darbandsar ski resort welcomes a large number of ski lovers. Founded in 1982, it is one of the newest ski resorts in Iran in Darbandsar village easily accessible through Lavasanat road. Having the altitude of 3050 meters, it has suitable facilities such as ski lift and tele-skiing by which you can see the amazing scenery of Tehran and get to a restaurant on a mountain summit overlooking the surrounding environment.

Ski Resort

Alvares Ski Resort

For those who seek to have a different ski resort, Alvares piste on the slope of Sabalan mountain in one of the nicest regions of Ardabil is a good choice. What makes it special is its location near Sarein which is famous for mineral water spas. Here, having enjoyed skiing on the snow-capped mountain, one can have relaxing time in Sabalan Hydrotherapy Complex. Tele-skiing is among the exciting activities in the resort.

Ski Resort

Khoshaku Ski Resort

As the only piste in West Azerbaijan province in the 30 km west of Urmia, Khoshaku ski resort provides ski lovers a well-climatic location for winter sports. Mountains of the region have wonderful perspective, vegetation, and ideal steep for a fantastic skiing. Also, the resort is not forgotten in the summer since skiing on grass is possible in this area.

Ski Resort

Pooladkaf Ski Resort

Located in 15 km of Sepidan road to Margun waterfall in Fars province, Pooladkaf ski resort is one of the big pistes in Iran. Its height is as low as 2850 meters and as high as 3400 meters from sea level. Having a high amount of snow along with other facilities such as ski school, cable car, restaurant, coffee shop, and a four-star hotel with a traditional teahouse as well as some areas for skiing on grass, horse-riding, and cycling are the encouraging elements which draw the attention of so many domestic and foreign tourists.

Ski Resort

Nesar Ski Resort

Having a pleasant and verdant nature in Bijar city in Kurdestan province, Nesar piste is long and steep enough for holding national and international competitions for skiing on snow and grass. Ski lift, tele-skiing, ski school, hotel, and restaurant are among the facilities the resort offers aiming at providing memorable moments for visitors.

Ski Resort

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