Iran's Amazing Natural Wonders

27 , Dec , 2016

For those who crave to visit Iran whose historical monuments are not satisfactory enough, the numerous awe-inspiring landscapes surrounding Iran ranging from mountains to deserts, to forests and caves offer travelers a fantastic and memorable experience. In the following, you will find a glimpse over the most wonderful ones.

Mount Damavand

Situated in 66 kilometers northeast of Tehran in the Alborz Mountain range, Mount Damavand is considered as the highest mountain in the Middle East at a height of 5,610m and a challenging choice for any accomplished mountaineer. The main dominating point about the mountain is that it is snow-capped all year round and visible from afar on a clear day, making it a prominent feature in Persian folklore and literature. Reaching its peak which takes approximately two days brings a lifetime honor for climbers. The particular climbing season is June-September.


Masal Forest

The outstanding natural beauty of the forests in the northern province of Gilan offer some beautiful hiking trails for tourists. Situated within an eight hour drive to the capital Tehran, the mountainous Masal region includes some particularly popular walking routes. Rarely can you find a place more vividly show the combination of lush lowlands and mountain forests making for a pleasant contrast with the harsh landscapes of southern Iran.


Badab-e Surt

In the northern Mazandaran province about 100 kilometers south of the city of Sari, there is a fascinating natural wonder, the rock formations of the Badab-e Surt consisting of golden, orange, and red stepped terraces of sedimentary rock, formed by deposits of minerals carried from nearby hot springs. The place is famous for two things: the springs are said to have medicinal properties and the glittering flats turn it into one of the most photogenic sites in Iran.



Amol County in Mazandaran province has in its midst one of the amazing natural wonders called Namarestagh. This beautifully lush region is a hidden treasure for enthusiastic trekkers who intend to take a walk along the verdant foothills in the shadow of snow-capped mountains, having relaxing moments by benefiting from a hospitable climate and welcoming locals.


Lut Desert

Located in the central eastern part of Iran within a short distance of Kerman city, the fantastic Lut Desert which covers an area of 50,000 square kilometers is one of Iran’s two great deserts, providing an exciting place for off-road visitors. The main feature of the desert is its moonscapes that are unforgettable for night-time camping beneath a starry sky and beautiful views at dawn. However, the astonishing point of this desert is the hottest land surface temperatures ever recorded, making it not a favorite place for an afternoon trip. Likewise, the famous giant rock formations of Kalut in nearby should not be left unchecked.


Latun Waterfall

On the way to the northern county of Astara in Gilan province, visiting Latun, Iran’s highest waterfall, is worthy of spending time. Falling water from the height of 105 meters against a breathtaking backdrop of forested mountains provides a fascinating ambiance which should not be missed. The tranquil atmosphere of the place draws the attention of so many people for a perfect lunchtime stop or a refreshing time.


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