Terms and Conditions

1. All the information and features of hotels and hotel apartments on the Samita website such as rates, tax, breakfast, swimming pool, suna, and transfer have been achieved through the related hotels and they are being displayed with no change. Thus, the hotel must take the responsibility of all information. For getting the veracity of the information, you should call the hotel.
2. The center takes the responsibility of all the reservations done online or finalized by the center’s final permit. In case of any cancelation after booking due to various reasons such as wrongdoings by hotel’s staff, security concerns, and hosting high-ranking people, it tries to provide another hotel for the passenger at the same time or give back the money. In this situation, passengers cannot complain to the center.
3. Due to some reasons like not being online on the part of some hotels or getting reserved by those who guarantee the hotel, it takes time that your booking information be delivered to the hotel’s receptionist desk. For any enquiry, you can call the person in charge of your booking that his or her name has been mentioned in your receipt.
4. If a passenger does not check in in time, the room will be empty and no money will be paid back.
5. Having identity cards are required when passengers check in and Samita takes no responsibility in this case.
6. If a man and a woman intend to use a room or suite commonly, they must deliver their marital status documents when they check in.
7. Accepting single women in a hotel is not permitted (except Kish Island), unless they intend to take part in a test, competition, etc. or they are on mission by showing required documents.
8. Using a common room by an Iranian and foreign nationals is not possible.
9. Checking in and out dates are based on hotels’ regulations. In case of delivering a room sooner or later, you must coordinate in advance.
10. All former coordinations for special situations must have been registered in a passenger’s voucher (booking confirmation). Otherwise, it would be unacceptable.
11. Due to not being clear who has paid, after paying in person and not online, it must be informed immediately and voucher be received. Otherwise, Samita would take no responsibility in this case.
12. After complete payment, the reservation will be definitive. In case of not informing the system after payment or because of banking problems in online payment leading to not transferring money to the company’s account, the reservation would not be considered definite.
13. Samita would take no responsibility for issues such as airport or railway welcome, room quality, food quality, hotel services, etc.
14. For certainty and conditions of reservation, the voucher (booking confirmation) will be referred to and other documents are not reliable. Follow up immediately if your requests haven’t been mentioned in your voucher.
15. Prices include VAT, tax, services. You must not pay any extra money to hotel for your reservation.
16. Until your reservation is not ready to pay, discounts may change. The announced prices in your voucher will be reliable until you make your reservation definite. If your reservation gets expired, price may change and it might change after rechecking.
17. Other laws and regulations are according to hotels’ reservation laws by tourism and cultural heritage organization and related sources.
18. Other laws and regulations of online reservation are according to Iran’s electronic trade laws.
19. Click to know about the laws of cancelling a reservation.

Those who disturb Samita’s proceedings in anyway by making temporary reservations, phone calls, etc. will be prosecuted according to electronic trade laws.

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