How can we trust the website?

There are various reasons for trusting the site. Some of them are listed below:

• In this website, latest information of every hotel has been gathered, making visitors feel how dynamic it is and trust it. In case of more guide, you’ll get informed by the support team of the website.

• The website has been selected by the digital media festival run by the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance.

• The website has been registered in Iran’s organizing headquarter for Internet bases.

• Cooperating with famous hotels and rendering a wide range of services to several websites and such as those in the following list can be considered as an important sign of trust.

 Iran’s Hotels Group:
 Shiraz Hotels Group:
 Ardebil Hotels Group:
 Kish Hotels Group:
 Mashhad Hotels Group:
 Isfahan Hotels Group:
 Tehran Hotels Group:
 Mazandaran Hotels Group:
 Online Travel Website:
 And hotels such as Isfahan Sepahan Hotel:

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