Rangin Kaman - Khorramabad
1,717,290 Rial 1,700,000 Rial Price for 1 night
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Khorramabad Rangin Kaman Hotel

On the corner of Moalem St., East Shohada St., Khorramabad, Lorestan, Iran ,

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Double Room
Max :
2 adults
1,717,290 Rial 1,700,000 Rial Price for 1 night
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Triple Room
Max :
2 adults
2,280,000 Rial 2,200,000 Rial Price for 1 night
4 % Save
Max :
2 adults
2,390,000 Rial 2,280,000 Rial Price for 1 night
5 % Save
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